Python Programming

Python Programming

For-loop in Python

In this Python Programming blog, We are going to learn for-loop in Python.

What are loops?

Loops are basically use for running a same line of code multiple times. Suppose, we want to print any number(i.e, 1) multiple times(i.e, 100 times) then we don’t need to write a print statement 100 times, instead of we can use loop. We can put our single line print statement in a loop which consist a argument 100 in our case. The argument decides “How many times our code would be execute”. There are multiple types of loops in Python like for-loop, while-loop etc. Don’t worry I would tell you about every single loop in this Python Programming Series.

For-loop in Python Programming

For-loop is a loop which is widely use in multiple programming languages, Python is one of those. The syntax of using for-loop is very simple in Python Programming Language. For-loop line is always ended with a “:” in python. The for-loop body part code is written with some gap in the beginning of every line of the loop body.

for i in range(100):

Here, 100 is an argument which is given to for-loop. So, for-loop would run 100 times. It will print 1 on every execution. So, It will print 1 100 times.

Range Function : It is a function which took an integer as an argument. It ranges from 0 to n-1. In our case, n is 100 so, It will run from 0 to 99.

Nested For-loop in Python Programming

When a for-loop body contains another for-loop then that is called nested for-loop.

for i in range(100):
    for j in range(10):

Here, “Hello” would print 1000 times. As first loop will run 100 times and each time inner loop will run 10 times.

Time Complexity

For-loop : O(n)

2 Nested for-loop: O(n^2)

Here, n is the number of times, our loop will execute.

If you want to know about the basic structure of Python then you can go through my other blog in which I discussed about basics and structure of here

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