Social problems

various social issues increases with the developing nation.

What are the social problems?

Social problems are those problems which arises due to the discrimination on the basis of rich and poor, girl and boy, small city and big city, fair and dark skin color, family and health ,etc. By all those discriminations.

Society’s major Social Problems arises such as-

  • Illiteracy and unemployment.
  • Migration.
  • Abuse against children.
  • Crime against women(position of women).
  • Drug abuse.
  • Child marriage.
  • child Labor.
Stay together to fight against the threat of social problems.

1. Illiteracy and Unemployment:(Social problem)

Illiteracy means lack of EDUCATION. It is also one of the major social problem and a threat on the path of development. Still, people have not given importance to education. But in reality this is the primary need of every individual. In the same way proper education is the need of the hour. Because, nowadays people had made it business, which makes the society materialistic. This is the reason people could not able understand the real meaning of being literate. And somewhere if countrymen will not on the right path for an overall development then it will directly affect the nation’s growth.

Do learning eagerly.

An individual, who will not developed will definitely faces the problem of unemployment. And further if this happens with number of people then it makes the country under developed. That’s why proper literacy and employment are connected with each other.

“overall knowledge and skills matter alot”.

2.Migration:(A Social problem)

Migration means move from one place to another. so, people are moving from one place to another for the sake of livelihood. this is also one of the concern towards the society. As migrants do not have have permanent place to live so they depend on daily wages. And they face difficulty at the time of emergency. This is the time to find the ways to fix such issue also.

3.Abuse against children:

People exploit the children in many ways for their own interest. They abuses the children physically and emotionally. sometimes terrorists also use the children, actually child are the a medium through which they try to made their plan to get successful. By doing all these false things; they are not worrying about the sufferings of children. In this way, they just demolish the life of innocent completely.

4.Crime against women:

When we are talking about crime against women, the first thing has came in our mind is gender equality. But in reality it does not confine there only. There are many things in our society that are happening against women, that’s why women still seeking their position in society. At job level people cannot understand the hard-work of female employee and judging them in a false manner, and that’s why females faces a lot of discrimination. In few families women are tortured for not bringing enough dowry, and also shows displeasure when a baby child is born. such partial behavior is still in practice.

In ancient times people paid a lot of respects to women. But this is very sad as the time passes things got changes drastically.

5.Drug abuse:(A Social problem)

Drug addiction can ruin the society at major level. Nowadays, people take drugs to showcase their status. Many youngsters are also the victims of drugs; sometimes they do it of their own interest and sometimes they do by the influence of others. Consuming drugs at a very young age can reduce the working ability. The drug addicts have been torturing their families, become financially weak and spoils the peace of life. In future, this leads to the greatest loss of society. This is very unhealthy for the society.

drugs spoils the future of various youngsters.

6.Child marriage:

The age in which children should study at the time they get married. At a very young age they got lot of responsibilities. Even they were not emotionally developed too. Some parents worried about their child’s marriage; that’s why they did not invest their money in education. They just save their money for their dowry. So this also a big hurdle in the path of development of society.

child marriage spoils the childhood of various childrens.

7.Child labor:

When the children under 14 years of age are made to work for living, it is known as child labor. As children are the coming citizens of our country. So, it is the responsibility of each individual to guide them in the right direction. It is the right of every children to get all the basic things. They should get proper food, clothes, good health facilities, education so that they are capable to build strong India. There are many cases where children die due to starvation. Malnutrition and poverty are increasing in our society at major level. To fulfill his hunger and family needs children are compelled to work at minor age. Even it is unlawful to employ children below 14 years of age.

“In all those things, there is only one matter of fact and that is POVERTY. When we go deep we find that POVERTY is the core reason for all those social problems. If our country is financially fit then all those society related issues will automatically vanished out”.

NOTE:- hope the article will help you for better understanding of the topic. All the best!