StemWarrior Hacks (Winter): eligibility, deadline and more

StemWarrior Hacks
StemWarrior Hacks

StemWarrior Hacks

StemWarrior Hacks is an international, student-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit hackathon aiming to inspire young innovators and thinkers to pursue a career in the field of programming and open their eyes to the depths, diversity, and power of computer science. Our hands-on hackathon event simulates the real world and will help participants build skills such as effectively working with others, managing time, applying knowledge in real situations, and problem-solving when unexpected situations arise.


Nov 5 – 8, 2021

Time, Location & Eligibility:

From 8/6 to 8/8 hackathon (online)

Note you must submit your project before 12:00 AM PST (all our timings are in PST/PDT).

We target middle and high school students who are beginners at programming;

no coding experience needed

anyone above 13 age can apply

Prizes For StemWarrior Hacks:

Currently, we have over $100k+ in prizes, with many prizes given to every participant regardless of how well they did. More information is provided under the prizes section. Note that prize information may be outdated by one to two days because we are constantly updating.

JUDGING CRITERIA for StemWarrior Hacks:

This criteria tests your project’s ability to help and reach others. A good application should be applicable to real life, be convenient to get started with, and bring positivity into people’s lives.

This criteria tests your project’s ability to introduce a novel approach or perspective. This could mean offering a unique solution to a problem or adding unique features in the application.

This criteria tests your design of your product and how well it addresses the prompt. It also includes the aesthetics of your project (if it is visual), and the organization and maintainability of your code.

This criteria tests your application’s ability to function as you intended. To do well on this criteria, your code should have little to no bugs or unusual behaviors and should do what it is designed to do.

Rules for setting up a team:

  1. firstly, Each contestant is only eligible to join a single team.
  2. secondly, Each team can have no more than 4 members
  3. thirdly, A team member can apply to join or leave a team.

You will be disqualified in the event of the following:

  1. firstly, plagiarised the work of others
  2. secondly, third-party code plug-ins in your works which were not authorized, and/or are the source of a legal dispute
  3. at last, worked on your project before the hackathon began, and did not notify the judges specifically which portions were done beforehand.

Judges have the right to disqualify anyone if they feel a contestant has broken any rule.