VCS [ Version Control System] and its merits

VCS helps for developers.

VCS stands for “Version Control System”. It also has some other names like: Source control, revision control or Source code management. Its mainly used by developers.

Version control system is responsible of maintaining of computer program. Moreover all our previous project’s history will be there. Because of this, any undo option in future will be easy.

Types of VCS

Actually, its estimated that, we have two different types of VCS.
1) Centralized
2) Decentralized

In Centralized VS, all the changes updated on single remote server machine. because of this, if the server gets low, all the used suffers highly.

In Decentralized VS, In addition to central server all the user device acts as server. So that even any server gets low, the other server will serve without any lag in performance.


Backup and restore: With the help VCS, we take easy backup as well as restore all our files. Though it has any hardware problem, all our files are protected.

Synchronization: Through this, the team members in team project will work together. They can work with the updated project files. Even merging of projects takes place effortlessly.

Short-term undo: Be it an any file, it has lot of trial and error scenario. Probably we may updates certain file, but our clients or higher authority needs the just before version. In this case, version control system is most effective.

Long-term undo: Similarly we may need the specific module which we delete long before. Instead of redoing it, we could undo it for more faster and accurate result.

Track changes: It keeps a count on changes developer make on a project clearly with respective to time. After completing the projects, it helps to align the changes.

Track ownership: It helps to tracks, document the code the work flow goes on . VCS greatly helps in document phase at the end of software development.

Sandboxing: Its special technique in VCS. In which the developer could update some changes in the code and test whether the code runs perfectly. Unless it can undo them.

Branching and merging: In modern the software development, all the works are split into module. Finally all the modules joined together to form as complete project. For that branching the modules and again merging them into one piece is done by VCS.