website designer, website developer, web-app developer?

Web design, development and web-app

Website designing, developing and web-app developing are the most confusing terms in web world.

Website designer

Websites designer are those who explicitly designs the outlook of the site. They determine the appearance and final outlook of site. It requires high creativity and front-end knowledge to do.

As a result, its the first duty to complete a final site. This role wants a consistent meetings with the clients as well as developer to discuss about the site’s development.

Designing the virtual image for sites and ensuring that there are in line with flow of site. Secondly the high fidelity models created to show clients to ensure their requirement achievement status.

The key features for designer: Demonstrating and receiving feedback for draft work, creative and innovative idea for new look for sites. Front-end knowledge with digital retouching and image editing.

Website developer

When we talk about website developing, designing should also be included in it. Requires a sound knowledge in front-end languages like HTML, CSS, JS and some frameworks of it.

It also requires some knowledge of networks and internet functions. Secondly, They must know HTTP, DOM structure know, since the site going to be displayed for clients.

Importantly, they should familiar with the things which can be done? and things which cannot be done? This must discuss with client and designer to avoid later confusion. Also later if client make any new feature, the developer must add those to site and complete the client’s web.

The key features for developer: must be good at scripting languages, editor tools, management tools. Back up the details from files to local directories for future. Must also familiarize with version control system.

Web-app developer

Web application is the application that resides on some remote servers. They subjected to user’s device via internet. Not like a typical application, these web-app didn’t needed to download. They can be used in any browser like chrome, safari in desktop or any personal computer(PC).

Typical website development knowledge as well as application development knowledge must required for web-app developer. Along with cross-platform, they need to know more about web.

Along with these, some web service, API skills required for this. Many of web-app deals with payments and other crucial activities, Security architecture and its deployment must requires.

The key features for web-app developer: Developing, managing and maintaining software packages for sites. Troubleshooting and debugging of software. Along with that programming skills and page rendering is needed