What is Backend development? advantages, disadvantages

Backend developement
Backend of website.

A website is a combination of both frontend and backend. How the appearance of website, as much as the backend equally important and essential. Its deal with functionality of the websites. Its the reason behind the complex working of many websites includes machine learning, AI.

Backend majorly focus on server-side of website. Its also called us server-side development. It focuses on database, scripting, user data and server. As a result, its said to an important portion of website.

Moreover, the finest example of backend- when you read any post on internet, the font, color, size everything is front-end development. Hence the resource fetch from server is back-end development.

Firstly early stages of websites contributes only to front-end development since its completely static. When the functionality and scope of web begin to increase, the backend development begin to raise.

Advantages of backend development

Organizations, today tries to deploy its software on various platforms like laptop, mobile phones, tab etc… So the backend developer keen on creating the code which acceptable for cross-platform.

The backend development is a very crucial part of websites which mainly involves web transfer among databases, server, client systems. Firstly, it needs to incorporate this technologies like webservice, microservices for faster sharing of client and server login and other information.

The success of websites not only depends on frontend but also on back end. All the function of websites are because of it only. Without quality back end-development, no website work perfectly.

Involving the newer back end technologies like microservice helps to ease out the server work pressure. It also helpful for easy maintenance and security of websites.


By imbibing the new technology, there is work lack among the various phase of website working. Though the websites are secured with multi layer protocol. But websites are highly suspension for hacker’s attack.

There are limited count operations that vary each time and do not exceed 160. Consumers have fewer network power that prohibits them from executing those actions as they desire.

The main disadvantage s that, there is no choice for specified atomic service. Secondly the security is the main concern of using this backend development.