What is web-app and its advantages ?

Web-apps are new trend


web-app – computer software used web browser and web technology to perform certain tasks using internet. As a result, the same or at least the same look and feel get for both application, and web-app for users.

It use a combination both server-side scripts like PHP and ASP.net to handle storage and retrieval of information from database and server.

Client-side scripts like HTML and Javascript to present and display details to user using browser. Its done using transferring scripts like XML, SOAP to transfer data.

Since many uses internet as the easy and cost effective medium for communication and business. Since it lets them to exchange the details and secure transactions.

Simply, any mobile application which works on mobile platforms like android, safari. If this application runs on web browser termed as web-app. Its widely used in today’s world.

Website VS Web-app

Websites are the collection of web pages that rendered in the client’s browser using search engines, whereas web-app is browser based software.

Web-app needs authentication to access the information also uses both client-end and server-end language to show details. But websites require browser( chrome, firefox) to do this.

The users of web-app mostly read the content of software and manipulate it. While the users of website only view the site and could post some details over it.

Some common examples of web-app: facebook, youtube, amazon, udacity, gmail. Some very common examples of websites: wikipedia.org, mechomotive.com etc…


Its easy for normal people to use this web-app since its almost like using a website. It requires zero installation of anything, Because all PC have any browser in it.

It greatly reduces the business cost, since there is very less time connecting with customer. While every one can update their own details on their respective logins.

Its a centralized software, so datum are easy for backup and security. It can be available for anytime and for everyone from different parts of world.

There’s no need of high configurations of PC, even a simple computer or basic smartphones can be used for its access. There’s no need to update the it regularly.