Natural resources- ecological imbalance
Variations in life is ok but in environment is not at all ok.

Relationship of man and environment: (It’s effects on Natural resources- ecological imbalance)

Natural resources- ecological imbalance : Depletion of natural resources and ecological imbalance is directly and indirectly related to man. Man and other living beings use things given by nature. Man is dependent on the factors of environment for his physical, cultural, industrial and economic progress. If these balances and inter-dependences are sufficiently altered; it upsets nature’s equilibrium and results in depletion of natural resources and ecological disturbances, which can seriously damaging for mankind.

Factors such as air, water, land and noise pollution, which have caused disproportion in man’s environment; which, if unchecked, are sure to endanger life on earth. Above all, the basic cause for this pollutions is ever increase of population; whose requirements make increasing demands upon the earth’s natural resources which in turn, result in the formation of more and more wastes that pollute air, water and soil. people’s overpowering greed has urged him to exploit natural resources and produce goods vigorously and that has further worsened the situation. Moreover, Man creates a disbalance in the surrounding by the unwise exploitation of nature for short term profit, which results in depletion of resources and ecological imbalance. In conclusion, this really create a uninviting picture of world. Therefore, man might have to find substitutes for his needs. so that the circumstances may be under controlled.

Natural resources- ecological imbalance

Main factors responsible for Natural resources- ecological imbalance

  • Degradation of Land and Soil Erosion
  • Deforestation
  • Faulty Utilization of Water Resources
  • Environmental Problems from Faulty Mining Practices
  • Industrial and Atmospheric Pollution. etc.


We have observe Depletion of various resources and ecological imbalance and the disastrous effects; that they have on our health and well-being. Also we have seen some of the steps that our government has taken to remedy the situation. However, there is an urgent need for creating consciousness; particularly among the younger generation about the increasing danger of environmental pollution and growth of ecological imbalance. Therefore government should launch various campaigns in this regard and also make the massive participation into it. Moreover these campaigns should receive some financial assistance from the government for carrying out such activities.

“There is no development take place by exploiting natural resouces”.

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