Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

Humanoid robot
Humanoid Robot

What exactly is a ROBOTICS?

Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Which is developed from Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Science Engineering for designing, construction, and application of robots.

What is Humanoid robot Technology ?

Humanoid robots are Specially trained for Particular work. Like handpicking robot, Which is used to pick heavy things or items. which are built to mimic human motion and interaction. Humanoid robots are a relatively new form of professional service robot.

Four Robotic Applications that Use Artificial Intelligence

1. Assembly :

AI is a most important and useful tool in robotic assembly applications. Which has combined with improvement of vision systems. Artificial intelligence can help with real-time corrections. Which is particularly used for difficult of manufacturing sectors like aerospace. Artificial Intelligence can also be used to help a robots to learn on its own. For which paths are best for certain processes while it’s in operation.

2.Packaging :

Robotic packaging uses forms of Artificial Intelligence frequently for quicker, lower cost and more accurate packaging. AI helps to save certain motions of robotic system. This makes while constantly refining them. Which helps for installing and moving robotic systems easy enough for anybody to do.

3.Customer Service :

Robotics is one of the trending technology. Which is used in every field. Most of these robots leverage AI natural language processing abilities to interact with customers in a more human way. Often, the more these systems can interact with humans, the more they learn.

4. Open Source Robotics :

Robotics using Artificial Intelligence are being sold now as a open source systems . Using AI capability this way. Users can teach their robots to do custom tasks based on their specific application. Such as small-scale agriculture. The convergence of open source robotics and AI could be a huge trend in the future of AI robots.

When working together, robots are smarter, more accurate and more profitable. AI has yet to come close to reaching its full potential, but as it advances, so will robotics.