Bluetooth Technology : 3 Predictions for the Future

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As we all know this is one of the most trending technology since it’s evolution. As a result, Bluetooth has far been the most usable technology uptill now in the history of technology. There are so many ways nowadays where we can connect and make connection stronger. This technology has helped many of us because of it’s utility and regular updates as per the device’s compatibility.

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With the help of this technology we are now able to get connect between mobile and mobile, mobile and computer and to other devices. Bluetooth offers us a wide variety of utilities such as transfer files, audio files, video files, applications and certain folders as well. This emerging technology if now it’s being used at such a larger rate then what’ll it be in future! So Let’s get to start!

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology is a standard short-range wireless communication technology that uses a low-power radio frequency at low cost. It is interoperable & it sucks up very little energy, It is a special wireless communication system that allows completely different electronic devices to communicate with each other. Most new vehicles come with this connectivity. As a result, technological standard similar to Wifi, USB and LTE, it has become the central component for smart devices.

Bluetooth vs. Wifi

As similar technological standards, both will allow you to communicate from one device to another using a frequency of 2.4GHz. However, it has lower bandwidth and range which requires less power than Wifi. This is why Bluetooth devices can live off of battery power while WiFi needs access to continuous wall power.

5 Versions

When the 3.0 version came out, it offered an optional high-speed data transfer, using WiFi to boost transfer speeds to 24 MBs. Later, v4.0 is the first version to differentiate Classic and Low Energy, improved maximum range to 60, and offered better IoT device support. The latest version, v5, was launched in 2016 which adds a longer range as well as low energy support for audio devices. Despite the number of upgrades and enhancements to the protocol. It’s core data rate is set to 1Mbs which allows for maximum backward compatibility with legacy devices.

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3 Predictions which can change technology

Improved motion sickness prevention

As a result the motion sickness that can often ensue when using any VR headset. Depending on your tolerance for whirring and blurring, the Quest 2 can be one helluva dizziness-inducer.

A better fit

The same goes for the fit of the device. While the Quest 2 is indeed a comfortable weight when on the head, it can still be a little claustrophobic to achieve a good, tight fit

Improved Oculus Store

Other improvements we’d like to see include a more effective in-VR Oculus Store. To discover new titles to purchase when using the device, which is a pivotal part of ensuring the headset maintains replayability. 

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