Cat quantitative

  1. The central park of the city is 40 meters long and
    30 meters wide. The mayor wants to construct two
    roads of equal width in the park such that the roads
    intersect each other at right angles and the diagonals
    of the park are also the diagonals of the small rect
    angle formed at the intersection of the two roads
    Further, the mayor wants that the area of the two
    roads to be equal to the remaining area of the park,
    What should be the width of the roads?
    (a) 10 meters
    (b) 12.5 meters
    (c) 14 meters
    (d) 15 meters

2.A rectangular swimming pool is 48 m long and 20
m wide. The shallow edge of the pool is 1 m deep.
For every 2.6 m that one walks up the inclined base
of the swimming pool, one gains an elevation of 1
m. What is the volume of water (in cubic meters),
in the swimming pool? Assume that the pool is filled
up to the brim.
(a) 528
(b) 960
(c) 6790
(d) 10560

  1. A thread is wound on a cylinder such that it makes
    exactly twenty-four complete turns around the cylin-
    der. The two ends of thread touch the top and bottom
    of cylinder. If cylinder has a radius of 15 cm and its
    curved surface area is 2880 cm’ then find the leng
    of the string.

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