Role of Reasoning in other MBA exams

Cat strategy

Reasoning also forms one of the main parts of parallel MBA entrance examination like:

  1. XAT : where there are two full sections where there is a role for reasoning namely:- A section on Analytical reasoning and decision making, And A section called verbal ability and logical reasoning.
  2. SNAP: which has one full section of 25 to 30 questions regularly titled as “ANALYTICAL AND LOGICAL REASONING”
  3. IIFT: which has one section dedicated to reasoning and contains around 20 to 25 questions on an average.
  4. CET Maharashtra: has close to 75 to 80 questions {out of 200 in the entire paper} which are solely dedicated reasoning.

Besides, all other competitive aptitude exams like the civil service aptitude test, bank PO exams etc. have fair abundance of reasoning questions.

Thus even if you are a CAT aspirant who us also aiming for some or all of these other exams, you would ignore reasoning preparation at your own peril.