Cyber security


Cybersecurity is a stream made for the protection of systems and networks which are connect via internet.

Cybersecurity protects systems from threats, information disclosure, damaging the software, unauthorized access etc.

This stream is becoming extremely significant due to the increase in the use of wireless networks and connected devices and due to the growth of smartphones, televisions and many more smart devices.


Cybersecurity was first properly implemented on 1972 with a project on, The advanced research projects agency network (ARPANET) by a researcher Bob Thomas, he created a program called ‘Creeper’. As followed Ray Tomlinson wrote a program called ‘Reaper‘ which deleted Creeper.

Reaper was the first example for an antivirus software.

Cyber– Internet, information, network, application, data, technology referred to cyber.

Security– which is based on, system security, network security, application and information security


To make the security stronger both the hardware and software data is protected, in the way that no data will be disclosed. If Hackers access any of the important data from any user and threat is illegal.

These types of crime is called cybercrime, they are subjected to be unethical hackers and be punished for using the internet in the wrong way and misusing the user data and threatening.

cyber crime

Types of cybercrime

Phishing – this type of attack involves hackers sending malicious messages, links, URL to users to gain access to their accounts, devices and networks.

Identity theft– this type of attacks occurs when someone obtains personal information and uses it.

Malware– it is term which refers to the program that is made intentionally to affect devices.

Security hacker– it refers to hacking a system having security information.

Cyberbullying– it is when someone use internet to harass or threaten individual.

Cyberterrorism– it refers to the act of terrorism committed through the internet.


Cybersecurity has become one of the important aspect to save data.

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