Database and its role in web development.

The role of database in web development

Database is very important. For a dynamic website to function, Basically two components needed very much, which front-end and back-end of site. In the server-side programming contributes to the functioning of websites.

It plays a vital role in back-end of website. Since the data of site are loaded there and actively fetching data from it. Moreover its inevitable topic.


Database are special type of software, which mainly used in dealing with website information. Primary function of it deals with storing, updating, creating and deleting data.

When we talk data, lets know “what is data?”.

Its a small unit of information which helps to manipulate the information in many ways. It can take many forms like: text, audio, video, image, gif etc.

Database handlers helps to create database in a way which only one software have access to manipulate the information in it. Moreover it organizes it into tables consist of many rows and columns.

The role of database upheaved once the dynamic website begins to raise. Because the static websites merely helps to show information to user.

Where dynamic website helps to communicate with website and process the request. It respond differently for different users. For this reason, database is very important.

Basically there are different type of database used in market currently. Each of it serves a unique services to website. Some example of website: SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, MongoDB.

In UML diagram or any other pictorial representation of website, it mainly takes a shape of cylinder. Over the years cloud database widely used recently for main advantages like scalability, cost effectiveness etc.


It helps the user’s to have quick responses to their queries. It makes the response accurate and faster. atabase increases the relationship between client and server helpful.

Data integrity, one of the main merit of it. Since the websites may have a lot of different DB. It makes the website more accurate and user specific.

It provided a user’s authentication to access the web resources. As a result, site’s security increases. Mainly it paces a way for today’s e-commerce world.