Deep web

As we know, what is website? Deep web is the part of internet which mostly the normal user could access easily. At the same time mostly many of us don’t know it.

Internet consist of surface web , deep web and dark web

Deep web is not like normal internet content. We cannot use it on conventional search engines like google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo etc…
Its really interesting to know that 99% of total internet content is on it.

The common among people is ,”if deep web and dark web are same?”
Answer for this is absolutely not, itconsists of things that are not easily available in conventional internet source. The main reason why people prefer it is for its privacy.

Let’s go into

The other names for deep web : hidden or invisible web. Experts says that deep web have humungous content than the surface web.

In this, it doesn’t have links to any other internet pages so it not indexed structure. This makes it so secure. This will be hard so tracker for people Since it doesn’t have any links among pages.

Fee-for-service is the key feature in it. Though we see this in surface web like Netflix, prime where the particular content will be available only we pay certain amount.

In this, the user should create an ID, set password and surf on this internet. Only those who are affordable people can get the desirable material. Even research tools like Zotero, powerset, kartoo are available in it.

It is mostly useful for people who wish to be anonyms while sharing information. This can be done using private databases like dropbox etc.. and also used online transactions like PayPal.

Advantage of deep web

Deep web gives more precise information and some uncensored content than surface internet . It may display the content in simple pages without linking to any other web pages.

Security is the key feature of it. It can be access by encryption. Encryption is a modern technique that use to protect user and organization details.

Despite the evil things on it, It helps to express our feelings to individuals, organization or even towards government, Whereas in surface web cannot be done since its very easy to track.

Disadvantage of deep web

In 1990s, early stages of internet usage, people believes to have an equality in internet. But due to fee-to-service in it, It becomes far away for non affordable people.

This is used as the medium for many activities like drugs, weapon, porn etc…Many use this to hide from government .

Though it gives many information, If it is used by any budding people , they become so vulnerable for hackers and take away personal information of user without their knowledge.