Git and Github in Software development.

Git and Github
Git and GitHub used for software development.

Git and Github is important term for all software developers. In addition to that, nowadays even all technical people begin to use this to maintain their professional work’s track.

Moreover, in simple terms, git and github helps to track a history of all the version of our work. It doesn’t depend on how many changes we make on our works.


Its the most used and popular VCS[ version control system ]. Its developed in 2005 by Linus development community especially by Linus Torvald. It developed using a tool called BitKeeper.

Since Its a VCS, its main property is to have a track of the work of all participates. Moreover in modern data work, a single projects divided into some modules. Because of which git is needed for synchronization among all.

Some of other advantages : easy backup and restore of file, command based software, highly flexible, works perfectly in remote, and its a decentralized VCS.

Some of the examples of VCS : CVS[ concurrent version system ], Mercurial, Microsoft team Foundation server, AWS code commit, Apache subversion etc..


Github is a cloud based hosting system deployed on web. Its used especially for VCS. Moreover its a service host on web. It gives the web based interface to VCS.

Initially, developed in oct 2007 and launched in april 2008. Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, P. J. Hyett and Scott Chacon developed github primarily.

Since Its a command based software, all the features are accessed only with commands. But github gives a web based interface for it. So it becomes easy for all users.

Along with git, github also provide some extra feature to it. It mainly concentrates on Truch-based development, link liner, task checklist, Drag and drop gist code.

Git vs Github

Since it share almost similar name, many think these two terms are same. But its entirely different

Git is mainly version control system. It helps to track the versions of our projects, whereas Github is a cloud based host for git in web. It gives a web interface to it.

Git is the actually software, whereas github just a tool which helps to the software. Even we have lot of other host like gitlab, Bitbucket to help the software.