How to prepare for logical reasoning in CAT 2021?

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preparation for Logical Reasoning questions in CAT are based on your ability to arrive at good decisions by following a systematic thought process. The questions are based on natural human instincts leading to arrive at right answer option by following the flow chart of Logical Reasoning. While the Quant and Verbal sections can be prepared by learning the formulae, concepts, grammar and vocabulary rules, LR preparation for CAT requires different preparation strategy. Accordingly following are the most important CAT 2021 Logical Reasoning Tips and tricks reflecting key points on how to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT Exam:

  • Prepare as per latest trends on Logical Reasoning questions in CAT  
  • Read the Best Logical Reasoning Book 
  • Read and practice various types of Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT with solutions  
  • One of the key CAT Logical Reasoning tricks by experts is to begin with LOD=1 and move to LOD-2 and finally to LOD=3 Logical Reasoning Questions.
  • Try to solve as many LR questions on all difficulty levels, as possible.  Never be shy of practice on LR.  Once it is done, you will develop the methodology and will come to know beforehand whether you will be able to solve a particular LR question set, when it appears in the examination or should skip that. 
  • Get Updated CAT  Logical Reasoning Preparation Material of Best Coaching Institutes
  • Read CAT toppers’ Logical Reasoning Preparation Strategy
  • Attempt more CAT Logical Reasoning Mocks and Analyse your errors after completing each one.