HTML [Hyper Text Markup Language] and its use.

HTML language
HTML is a scripting language.

HTML stands for ” Hyper Text Markup Language”. Its most commonly used scripting language in website. Though its old language, but it meet up with modern task in web.

Hyper Text – defined as any text which displays on browser and link from one hyper text to another hyper text. Its mostly done using <a></a> ” anchor tag”.

Markup Language – a text file which provides meaning of text using some structed tags. These tags describe how text in web should structure, formatted and laid out.


HTML4 introduced in market at 1997, Since then no change happened to it. But the modern technology rapidly increased. Thus a new scripting language with modern tags are in need.

To solve this, HTML5 introduced in 2014. It overcomes all the flaws in its previous version. It helps the developer to add its audio, video directly without any third party help.


In HTML5, exclusively audio and video tags introduced. This helps the creator to include video without converting into gif file. Audio tags accepted in mp3 format not any longer as OGG format.

Vector graphics – Its an important element in new version. Since javascript used along with html, any 3D images can be formed in web pages. Moreover resizing of any image isn’t a trouble any more.

web browser support – In old version, certain feature will not support in all browser. So in HTML5 declared as standardized form. Its said by W3C community.

ease of use – It can handle the inappropriate tags with ease. Along with this, web browser could understand the code though its missing somewhere, and work depend upon that.

Storage – In previous version, it used cache only for temporary data, but now with the help SQL database, we can use cache to store in offline mode and helps to remain connected.

Drag and Drop – Since modern day website, requires lot of file transfer, HTML5 brings Drag and Drop options to ease for upload of any document in device.

Many tags are introducted in HTML5, importantly canvas tag. It helps to draw any 2D or 3D images into the file and display it on any browser without any change.