What is HTML

HyperText Markup Language

HyperText Markup Language or HTML is a set of symbols or codes inserted into a file that is intended for display on the internet. The markup instructs the web browser on how to display a web page’s words, images, and all the contents. HTML is the computer language that facilitates website creation. It is a method by which uses navigate through the web.

How HyperText Language works ?

So HTML is nothing but a text file containing a specific syntax file and conventions that show the computer that it is an HTML file and how it should be read.
The most basic HTML convention is the inclusion of a document type declaration at the beginning of the file. It always comes first in the document, because it is the piece that affirmatively informs a computer that this is an HTML file. The document header typically looks like this: <!DOCTYPE html>. It is written in a way, without any content inside it or breaking it up. Any content that comes before this declaration will not be recognized as an HTML file by the computer.

Another critical requirement for an HTML file saving it with a .HTML extension. The doctype declaration specifies the HTML to the computer from the inside of the file whereas. HTML signals HTML to the computer from outside of the file. Through both of these properties, a computer can tell whether its an HTML file or not

Basic elements of HTML

Some basic elements of HTML have opening tax the main content in the middle and closing tags. The elements of HTML are as follows:-

Block-level elements start on a new line in the document and take up their own space.
Eg:- Headings and Paragraph Tags

Inline elements do not start on a new line and take up only the space required.
Eg:- Hyperlinks and Text format tags.Pros and Cons of HTML:-

Pros and Cons of HTML


Widely adopted.

Easy to learn.

Open source and free to use.

Runs on every browser.


Mainly used for Static web page

Older browsers may not be compatible with new features

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