Modern methods of Irrigation

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Modern methods of Irrigation help us to use water economically. Moreover, nowadays these type of methods has carried out to irrigate the farms. Also this required less labor work. And animals are also not as such used. Therefore they are less time consuming methods.

“The more we create the more we improve in our surrounding”.

It involves methods like:

  • Sprinkler System
  • Drip System

a. Sprinkler system:(Modern methods of Irrigation)

The perpendicular pipes, having rotating nozzles on top and have joined to the main pipeline at regular intervals. So, When water is allowed to flow through the main pipe under pressure with the help of a pump, it escapes from the rotating nozzles. It gets sprinkled on the crops as it like a raining. Moreover for lawns, coffee plantation and other several crops sprinkler system is useful.

Advantages of Sprinkler Irrigation

  • It helps in the conservation of soil.
  • So, It increases soil productivity.
  • However, It protects the crops from extreme frost or temperature.
  • Fertilizer and insecticide application can be done by the sprinkler system.
  • Physical condition and composition of soil are maintained.
  • It is very useful for sandy soil and uneven land.
Modern methods of Irrigation
Techniques are helpful for future prospects.

b. Drip System:(Modern methods of Irrigation)

In this type of system, the water falls drop by drop. And water come down directly near the roots. So it called drip system. The best part of this system is that water is not at all wasting. Therefore, this technique is beneficial for those region where availability of water is poor. Basically it used for watering fruit plants, gardens and trees.


  • Water reaches directly to the roots of the plants.
  • It saves a lot of water, which can be utilize for irrigating more area.
  • Weeds do not grow because the water reaches directly to the plants and do not spread anywhere on the field.
  • Crop yield is increasing in this method.
  • The area near the plants is dry so bacterial growth has limited.
  • It reduces the use of water in agriculture.
Modern methods of Irrigation
techniques are helpful for bulk production.


As rainfall in India is seasonal and sometimes it does not provide adequate amount of water for large scale process like agriculture. Therefore we depend on irrigation kind of technique for the growing of crops

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