Networks-The interconnected World

Introduction to Computer Networks :-

We are living in a connected world. We live in a digital world that is increasingly interconnected, allowing information to be produced, traded, and tracked in real time across the globe. Everyone and everything is interconnected in some way.

Fig.1-Interconnection forming a social network

Those things or people interconnected with each other form a network in our day-to-day lives. Some examples are:

Social network

Mobile network

Network of computers

Airlines, railway, banks, hospitals networks

Types of Networks:-

A computer network can be anything from a network of smartphones or tablets connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth within the same room to millions of computers spread out over the world. Some of them are wireless, while others are not.

The following groups of computer networks can be divided by the area Based on the size and speed of data transfer, computer networks are broadly classified as follows:

  • PAN ( Personal Area Network)
  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)

Personal Area Network (PAN):-

Computers, laptops, smartphones, mobile phones, and printers are connected with personal devices to form a network. All these devices lie within an approximate range of 10 metres.

Fig.-2 Personal Area Network

Local Area Network (LAN):-

 It is a network that connects computers, mobile phones, tablet, mouse, printer, etc., placed at a limited distance. The geographical area covered by a LAN can range from a single room, a floor, an office having one or more buildings in the same premise, laboratory, a school, college, or university campus.

Fig.3- Local Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):-

 Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is an extended form of LAN which covers a larger geographical area like a city or a town. Data transfer rate in MAN also ranges in Mbps, but it is considerably less as compared to LAN.

Fig4- Metropolitan Area Network

Wide Area Network (WAN):-

Wide Area Networks are networks that link computers and other LANs and MANs that are located in different countries or continents. A WAN can be formed by connecting a LAN to another LAN over wired or wireless media.

Fig5-Wide Area Network

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