Parts of speech

Words and their position plays an important role in any kind of sentence formation, improper usage of words changes the meaning of the message in the conversation.
For example :
(a) Ram plays football. ( correct )
(b) Football plays Ram. ( incorrect)

The above examples (a) &(b) are self explanatory about the importance of proper usage of words.

In order to make the proper usage of words the knowledge of Parts of speech is very helpful and therefore it is called the basic of English grammar.

The Parts of speech are eight in number :
6) Preposition
7) Conjunction

8) Interjection

Noun –

A Noun is defined as the name of person, place , thing , material and even emotions or ideas .
For example : John , Bhopal , chair , iron , etc.
(a) JOHN is basketball player
(b) He went BHOPAL
(c) This is my CHAIR

(d) IRON is an element of periodic table.

Pronoun –

Pronoun is a word that is used in place of noun , i.e., In any sentence instead of using nouns again and again we can replace them with pronouns .

Examples of pronoun : I, you , we, he , she ,his, her , their , them , etc.

For example :
•Raman is absent , because Raman is out of town. (Without pronoun)

•Raman is absent , because HE is out of town ( with pronoun) .

Riya is a writer . The pen lying on the table belongs to Riya (Without pronoun)

Riya is a writer. The pen lying on the table is HERS .( with pronoun)

Here , he and hers are pronouns.


An Adjective is a word used to describe a Noun or Pronoun or add something to the meaning of a Noun or Pronoun.
For example :

(a) Soham is an INTELLIGENT boy .
(b) There are total FORTY students in class .
Here , intelligent and forty are Adjectives .


A verb is defined as a word used to express an action or state of the Subject .
For example :
(a) Rajan is PLAYING football
(b) Amit can RIDE horse.

Here , playing and ride are verbs


An adverb is defined as a word that describes a verb , an Adjective or another Adverb.
For example:
(a) Shreya and Rishabh giggled LOUDLY.
(b) Rehan runs FASTER than Aryan.

Here loudly and faster are adverbs.


A preposition is defined as a word used before a Noun or Pronoun to show its relationship with something else in the sentence.

Examples of Prepositions – in , on , across, beside , at , beyond , etc.

For example –
(a) Rohan is IN temple.
( b) The branch office is ON Hoshangabd road.
Here , in and on are Prepositions.


A Conjunction is defined as a word which is used to join the words or sentences .
Examples of Conjunctions are –

For example :
(a) Rama AND Sarita are cousins.
(b) Raja cannot go out BECAUSE the gate is locked.

Here and & because are Conjunctions.


An Interjection is defined as a word which expresses some sudden feelings .

For example:
(a) HURRAH ! We have won the tournament of chess.
(b) ALAS ! He is no more .

Here alas and hurrah are Interjections.

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