Play simple games interview experience

Welcome learners!. Here in this post I am going to present you about the interview experience with play simple games company. And I am very excited to bring it up to you about this experience. This interview is just amazing and I enjoyed every round of it. Go through this blog and prepare well, Good luck.

Play simple games interview experience

Online test

First of all, I have written an exam from cocubes. This exam basically had 15 multiple choice questions about data structures, pseudocodes and logical puzzles and also operating systems. Along with the multiple choice questions , there are two coding questions to solve. I have answered all the multiple choice questions as there is no negative marking. And I solved One coding question completely, and for the other 5 out of 10 testcases passed.

The two coding questions are of intermediate level. The questions are easy, but I couldn’t understand one of the question completely. So I didn’t complete the question properly.

The other question is a good one. I completed it within 10 minutes after understanding the question.

The question:

There are few cards. Each card has two faces, one is black and the other is white. You will be given sequence of cards placed in random order with few of them faced white up and the other black. Ram and Ravi are willing to play a game. But Ravi plays only if all those cards are faced up with white. In each move you can select a card and flip that card and all the cards before it. You need to find the minimum number of moves so that Ravi plays the game. (i.e. all the cards are up with white face.)

Input format:
No of cards
Sequence of cards(1 for black, 0 for white faced up)

You need to print the minimum moves you should perform so that all the cards are with white face up.

Further process

Later I received a mail that I got shortlisted for the interview process. According to the information given, we should have two technical rounds and one HR round of interview. But I have gone through four rounds of interview. Three of them are Technical and the other is HR.

All the three technical rounds are purely based on coding and no other concepts. It is completely about testing problem solving skills and knowledge on Data structures.

A detailed explanation of all the four rounds will be given in the next blog.

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