Regular Expressions interpreting Intrusion Detection

Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions usage

Regular Expressions are one of the best and efficient ways for intrusion detection. This method uses for terms of detecting problems in Graphics hardware and CPU. As a result, there are many GPUs which are integrating day by day with new detection remedies for simple use. Intrusions are a kind of technical bugs which imports by malicious sources such as a hacker, or an organization.These sources import viruses, worms, spywares, firmware etc. Due to which handling of our computing systems becomes difficult and un-resolvable. That is the reason we are going to study regarding Regular Expressions in Detail! Let’s get to start!

Regular Expressions

What are Regular Expressions ?

Regular Expressions

These are certain set of characters determining pattern recognition for huge input strings. Huge input strings are scanning inside a GPU which makes the hardware efficient to detect intrusions. There are a huge variety of patterns where we can analyse the different input strings. Let’s get towards the different styles of matching input patterns. As a result, we can say these are one of the mechanisms which can be used at large scale.

Importance of Regular Expressions

In computing, regular expressions provide a concise and flexible means for identifying strings of text of interest, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters. These are written in a formal language that can be interpreting by a regular expression processor, which is a program that either serves as a parser generator or examines text and identifies parts that match the provided specification Do more string input validations with single regular expression, keeping the code cleaner. Faster validations, instead of having many IF and ELSE operators you may validate only once with a regular expression. Increase in Computation Speed and Accuracy.

Image of REGEX

Features of Regular Expressions

Expressive power of regular expressions has been often exploiting in network intrusion  detection systems, virus scanners.

The flexible pattern matching functionality of regular expressions in these systems comes with  significant changes in terms of both memory and CPU cycles. Since every byte of the  inspecting input needs to be processed and comparing against a large set of regular  expressions.

In this paper we present the design and implementation of a regular expression  matching engine running on graphics processing units (GPUs) Our evaluation shows that regular expression matching on graphics hardware can result up to 48 times speedup over traditional CPU implementations and up to 16 Gbit/s in processing and  increase in 60% packet processing throughout.


Implementations of Regular Expressions


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