What Is Artificial Intelligence? and It’s Implementation.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

As we all know Artificial intelligence (AI) is subsequently the hottest buzzword in technology. In other words it has established it’s own sector in terms of Innovation. Since then it’s implementation is done in our daily life and work.

What do you mean by Artificial ?Artificial suggests that the items created by human ability for communicating: natural philosophy gadgets like for instance Personal Computer, Laptop , Mobile etc. that aren’t natural .

What do you mean by Intelligence ?

An intelligence refers to a human brain which may perceive the issues similarly and thinks by it’s own and offers a correct conclusion to understand and profit from experience.

Implementation and working

Artificial Intelligence try to understanding how human brain thinks, decide, learn, and work while trying to solve a problem.

  • The power of a machine to copy intelligent human behavior.
  • The dream of creating machines that can think and learn like humans by using algorithm .
  • However, the capacity to learn and solve problems.

An AI is a technique of getting machines to work and behave like humans. In the recent past it has accomplish by creating machines and Robots that are being used in a wide range, also like Healthcare , Robotics , Marketing , Business analytics and many more.

On the other hand AI is CREATING its own identity in many industries . It is new technologies therefore it balances to other technologies as well .

To give you an idea , Have you ever wondered how google is able to give you such accurate search results or how your Facebook feed always gives content based on our interest? The answer to this questions is Artificial Intelligence.

And Challenges sweet-faced by AI are :

  1. Computing Power two
  2. Tolerance Power
  3. Intuitive Thinking
  4. judgement Power.

The invention of AI traced back to John McCarthy who is the founding father along with Marvin Minskey, AllenNewell and Herbert A. Simon. McCarthy coined the term “Artificial intelligence” in 1955.