Why are Operating Systems so important ?

Intro for OS
Let's study Operating Sytems

Operating systems are the integral part of the computer transactions between a human user and a machine. So these are one of the important infrastructural part of signal processing. Signal processing indeed means using 0’s and 1’s which we humans fail to understand. These systems resolve all the drawbacks and fills the gap between human and computer. What if we say please show me 000110 ? Sounds weird right and funny too. That’s the reason we use operating systems to troubleshoot all these issues. So let’s get introduced with some famous operating systems.

List of images of some operating systems in day to day life.
Images of some operating systems

Why are we studying operating systems ?

Let's study regarding operating systems

When you write a program and it runs too slowly, but you see nothing wrong with your code, where else will you look for a solution? How will you be able to debug the problem if you don’t know how the operating system works? Are you accessing too many files? Running out of memory and swap is in high usage? But you don’t even know what swap is! Or is I/O blocking? Seems interesting and exciting right. Well, let’s take you to the journey of different systems. But before that let’s see what are exactly these systems?

What is an operating system?

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An Operating System (OS) is a collection of software that manages computer hardware and provides services for programs. Specifically, it hides hardware complexity, manages computational resources, and provides isolation and protection. It directly has privilege access to the underlying hardware.

List of some operating systems:

Embedded operating systems

Android image
  • Android: Google’s operating system for Smartphones or Tablets holds an impressive market share of approx. 70% and is thus the undisputed leader. Android is not bound to specific hardware devices but offers the flexibility to implement it in different devices. You can find Android e.g., in Huawei smartphones, Sony wearables, or Samsung tablets. This leads to a large variety of apps in the Google Play Store and customizable user interfaces on different devices.
  • iOS: But its approx. 30% market share, Apple’s iOS is used in every iPhone or iPad. Unlike Android, iOS is bound to hardware devices and is only compatible with anything coming from the Apple manufacturing house. But because everything is made from one hand, Apple’s iOS is famous for its smooth operation. Moreover, every application follows rigorous guidelines during the development process which ensures that apps for iOS are particularly pleasant and intuitive for the user.

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