Quantitative aptitude important questions (CAT2021)


.ques 1:-
Three cooks have to make 80 idlis. They are known
to make 20 pieces every minute working together.
The first cook began working alone and made 20
pieces having worked for sometime more than three
minutes. The remaining part of the work was done
by the second and the third cook working together.
It took a total of 8 minutes to complete the 80 idlis.
How many minutes would it take the first cook alone
to cook 160 idlis for a marriage party the next day?
(a) 16 minutes
(b) 24 minutes
(c) 32 minutes
(d) 40 minutes
Ques 2: It takes six days for three women and two men
working together to complete a work. Three men
would do the same work five days sooner than nine . How many times does the output of a man
exceed that of a woman?
(a) 3 times
(b) 4 times
(c) 5 times
(d) 6 times

Ques 3: Each of A, B and C need a certain unique time to do a certain work. C needs 1 hour less than A to complete the work. Working together, they require
30 minutes to complete 50% of the job. The work
also gets completed if A and B start working together
and A leaves after 1 hour and B works for a further
3 hours. How much work does C do per hour?
(a) 16.66%
(b) 33.33%
(c) 50%
(d) 66.66%

Ques 4: Two women Renu and Ushi are working on an embroidery design. If Ushi worked alone, she would need eight hours more to complete the design than
if they both worked together. Now if Renu worked
alone, it would need 4.5 hours more to complete the
design than they both working together. What time
would it take Renu alone to complete the design?

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