WSDL and UDDI in web services ?


WSDL and UDDI are the parts of web services, its a concept of transferring the details between any two devices. As a result, the efficiency in the communication increases. Its also helps to make more effectiveness in website. Its cross platform concept, which tries to connect with device created with various programming languages.

In a simpler terms, a concepts of connecting two or more independent platform which can created in various language for communication and transfer of data are termed as Web services.

It helps to ease out the hectic way of understanding all different architecture. Its XML and JSON based protocol for transfer. Its helpful for companies too since companies need not to share its actual database with everyone.

By taking web services, there are some components of it. The most important elements of web services are:


WSDL stands for “Web Service Descriptive Language”. Its a XML document which has our required details from companies, Its used by clients to use based on their needs.

Its a transferable interface which is both machine and human readable. Though its human understandable, it follows certain rule to print a function i.e types[ internal schema or external schema] , message and port type.

WSDL created based on the common rule formulated by W3C [ World Wide Web Consortium ]. Its commonly used binding mechanism to make changes in the file.

It uses SOAP 1.1 web services and used HTTP 1.0 medium which get, post method for posting and fetching details from companies to clients. As a result, no actual connections of database needed.

WSDL provides the structed approach to defines a service in web. It reduces the code and increases the reusability of code. Its a dynamic approach, So changes happens in run-time .


UDDI stands for ” Universal Description Discovery and Integration”. Its a part of SOAP web services, Because of which many of its architecture are XML based.

WSDL connected made when the clients and company know each other, Since dealing with each other earlier. But what if the client and company has no prior connections?

For this condition, UDDI was created. Its a common directory for all user to fetch the needed WSDL and also all the companies give their web services to UDDI.