A green row of fresh crops grow on an agricultural farm field. in the Salinas Valley, California USA

Agriculture (Definition): When we cultivate the same type of crop at one place on a large scale is called agriculture or cropping or farming.


INDIA is a vast country. And its climatic condition like temperature, humidity and rainfall vary from one region to another. So it also favours. Therefore India is rich in growing variety of crops in different parts of the country. Since we all need food, So food has to be produced on a large scale; In order to provide food for a large population- regular production, proper management and distribution is necessary.

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  • Since a vast population is engaged in this work in India. So they get employment, foodgrains and income from it.
  • With the crop produced farmers get income which lifts their life style.
  • It is the base of Indian economy and it has 26 percent contribution in the total Gross Domestic Product(GDP).
  • Indian Agriculture produces foodgrains and also provide raw material for industries.
  • Plantation, animal husbandry, forestry, fisheries etc. have included. Therefore there is diversity in the case of Agriculture in India.
  • Results in provide food to our growing population, so it is necessary to opt variety of agricultural practices.

Types of Agriculture:-

So the types are:-

  1. Sustainable Agriculture.
  2. Shifting Agriculture.
  3. Plantation Agriculture.
  4. Intensive Agriculture.

1.Sustainable Agriculture:-

Most of the farmers in India still use traditional tools for farming. They cannot make use of refined seeds, fertilizers and pesticides due to financial restraints and it affects production. Their food production is consumed by their family members.

Agriculture is must for life.


In the most backward areas where forests are in abundance, people make land worth cultivation by cutting trees and burning its stems and roots. Some coarse grains like dry, maize, millet etc. is sowing in this land. However this type of farming has discouraged as forest also adversely affected and production was also very less.


Plantation farming means planting trees or bushes which give yield over a period of few years. They require efficient and scientific methods of cultivation skilled but cheap local labor and worldwide marketing facilities. Plantation is thus a large unit producing a single crop on a scale that resembles factory production.

Example:- tea, rubber etc.

plantation agriculture to get variety food.


By the use of irrigation facilities, fertilizers, pesticides, farming on the single land continuously and many time in a is called intensive. In this type of farming on a small land more production and income is derived from a small land by agriculture.

Need of different types of Agriculture:

Due to natural difference like nature of land, climatic condition and irrigation facilities; the farmers opt for different. This is why different types is necessary. It is beneficial also because through this we get variety of foods. It is better for needs as well as economically.

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