Conjunction and it’s kinds :

What is Conjunction ?

A conjunction is a word which join words , group of words , phrases and sentences or often make them compact .

In other words – ‘ The words which only joins together sentences, and sometimes words ,such joining words are known as Conjunctions.’

Some of the Conjunctions are – for , and , or , both….and , after , although etc.

Examples :

(a) Mohit bought a bag and a pair of socks .

(b) Rahim cannot go to sports meet because he is injured.

Here , and & because are Conjunctions .

Kinds of Conjunctions :

Conjunctions are of three kinds :

(a) Co-ordinating conjunctions

(b) Correlative conjunctions.

(c) Subordinating conjunctions

1) Co-ordinating conjunctions :

The Conjunctions which join together Sentences or words/ group of words , that are equally important are called Co-ordinating conjunctions.

Co- ordinating means of equal rank.

Therefore , A Co-ordinating conjunctions joins together clauses of equal rank.

Some of the co-ordinating conjunctions are – for , and , nor , but ,or , yet & so.

Example :

(a) Ram is writer and Mohan is actor .

(b) She must weep , or she will die .

Co – ordinating Conjunctions are of four kinds :

1) Co-ordinating conjunction of Addition :

These are the Conjunctions which merely add one statement or fact to another.

For example :

(a) The train arrived and the passengers got into it.

(b) It was cloudy and it started to rain.

2) Co-ordinating conjunctions of contrast :

Conjunctions which expresses opposition or contrast between two statements are coordinating conjunctions of contrast.

For example :

(a) We reached the multiplex on time but the show started late.

(b) Mehul prefers tea whereas his friend prefers coffee.

3) Co-ordinating conjunctions of Choice :

These are the conjunctions which expresses a choice between two options .

For Example :

(a) Do or Die .

(b) Aunty will either prepare Dosa or Uttpam.

4) Co-ordinating conjunctions of Reasoning :

In these conjunctions , one statement or fact derived as conclusion on the basis of another fact .

For example :

(a) Reena worked with dedication , do she could do well in tests.

(b) All precautions must have been neglected, for the corona virus spread rapidly.

2) Correlative conjunctions :

Conjunctions which are thus used in pairs are called correlative conjunctions .

They appear as pairs and are used to join equivalent Sentences.

Some of the Correlative conjunctions are – , both…and , either…or , neither…nor, such…that , so…that , as…as and whether….or.

Examples :

(a) Era is both a dancer and a singer.

(b) Either pay attention to my lecture or leave the online class.

(c) Abhishek is as busy as bee.

3) Subordinating conjunctions :

A Subordinating Conjunctions joins a clause to another on which it depends for its full meaning.

In other words – ” A conjunction connecting groups of words or two statements , one of which is dependent on the other is Subordinating conjunction “.

Some of the Subordinating conjunctions are – after , although , because, before , how , if , once , since , than , that , though, till , untill , when , where and whether.

Example :

(a) Afreen is happy because her family is here.

(b) After she learned to cook well , Bulbul felt more confident.

Classication of Subordinating conjunctions :

1) Time:

These conjunctions introduces adverb clauses of time like when , after since , till , untill , as soon as and up to.


(a) Mohita returned home after Seena had gone.

(b) Many things have happened since she saw him.

2) Reason or Cause :

The Subordinating conjunctions of reason/ cause consists as , since and because .

Example :

(a) He may edit the page , as he has access.

(b) Every one dislikes her because of her tantrums.

3) Purpose :

These Conjunctions include so that and that .

Example :

(a) We work hard so that we may earn money.

(b) Meena completed her work so that she could leave early .

(4) Result or consequences :

The Subordinating conjunctions of result/ consequences are – so….that , such…that.

Examples :

(a)The picture was such a flopped that it hadn’t won any award.

(b) His behaviour was so rude that everyone disliked him.

(5) Condition :

Here , the conjunctions are – unless , if and provided .


(a) Grievances cannot be redressed unless they are unknown .

(6) Comparison :

The Subordinating conjunctions of the comparison include as…as, as much as and no less than .

(a)Raman is as tall as his father .

(b) Radhika is as much polite as her sister.

(7) Contrast or concession :

The subordinating conjunctions of contrast or concession include although , although….yet , though , even if and however .

Example :

(a) Manas is lazy though he is bright.

(b) We enjoyed the journey although it was not comfortable.

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